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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Something fun.

I won't be doing much the coming days. The kids have their annual school party/show with complementary BBQ today and I have a school viewing tomorrow with my eldest. Doing so preparation for when he goes to high school the year after that. Having a kid with ADD (same form as ADHD for those that are familiar with the term) AND a severe form of dyslexia, it's the best choice to go check those out in advance. The combination of his two conditions means he gets a normal education, but he's getting support for some years now. It also means we have to be really sure which way he wants to take his later studies. So with all that on my mind, we decided to visit a few schools who are having open classes the coming months. (I really hope he finds something he likes in the school well be visiting tomorrow)

Now with that all said, I know getting my head around writing these few days isn't going to happen, also because I'm waiting on the Jaz stamp of approval before the guild can have a look and me shipping it of for final editing.

A while ago we had this post on the guild: How do we think our characters look like? Or who are they based on?

I thought it would be fun to see who YOU think they look like. So I say, get googling. and posting up some links and add who you think that represent to you. You can add characters from other writers, but do add then who that is and from which story the character comes from. I'll be adding my own on Sunday.

Have fun!!!


  1. aha! I love this part! especially when I google for hot guys and then forget what i was googling/ oogling at them for. LOL.

    It's hard to find long hair guys with blue eyes but if I had to put a face to Nick I think he'd look like Maxwell Zagorski [w long hair] or Taylor Kitsch.
    Sorry Tan, I couldn't choose which pic is the best but you have the names!

    Anyway, i hope you and your son find something he likes in the school you're visiting tomorrow. If not, there are still those open classes. =)

  2. checked both out. maxwell looks a bit too clean, but a hottie nonetheless hihi. Taylor Kitch looks more like Chris, the hair is already in place just needs a bit more curl to it, not too much tho.

    for nick i had Paul Adrian in mind, think Duncun MacCloud of the Highlander series, with long hair. There is something about him...

    Ed is Hugh Jackman, I've said that many a times already hihi.

    i'll have a think about the rest later on! need to get ready now.

    damn Taylor, now he moved into my head.... damn you hahaha

  3. Paul Adrian reminds me of a mafia. Lol! But i can totally see Ed as Hugh Jackman.

    As for Taylor being Chris -I think I'm seeing it now that you've mentioned. Even has that playful look in his eyes.

    Lol, more nottihotties suggestions coming up I hope!

  4. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_N4raahdprOA/SjpI5STwLdI/AAAAAAAAACg/TRiNKeQwVHE/s400/bill_goldberg.jpg

    this one for Adam

    and this i picture Bronwille to look like, she's a Flemish cabaretier/comedienne, she can be very serious and demure but always has that mischievous spark (which i want Bron to find again)

  5. http://www.malestarz.com/uploads/photos/0fce819f1b5ac99aab2b219964f776ca6.jpeg

    Like ArtForm I got lost looking at pics... this guy is HOT!

  6. I think this feller makes a better Chris than Taylor


  7. damn T that second guy is H O T !!

    who do you imagine the first picture to be? he looks damn fine too

  8. I really don't know just was looking at hot looking guys and posted his pic..... maybe one of the guys who works at the garage with Chris ;)

  9. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2426/3527212790_6519697251.jpg

    This is how I see Adam

  10. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3044/3085164220_5bc0cab25c.jpg

    now this is beautiful.... now I'm just posting urls

  11. My idea of Nick looks A LOT like this


  12. Damn! Are those guys hot! Tan are you still breathing?

  13. barely hanging in there. it does provide a nice image for when i go to bed later *grins*

  14. i found my Nick, previously i always imagined him looking a bit like Duncan MacCloud, the highlander. then i remembered the late Mark Frankel : http://lh5.ggpht.com/_B80BWLM5INQ/SOY2mrioR6I/AAAAAAAABBM/t0g_Qk9_DUc/kte07a.jpg
    isn't that eye candy?