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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work, work, work

Well can't really call it work because I enjoy writing. I've hinted here and there I'm working on another story as well. Those of you reading "Wheels of Steel" from Pepper Pace (click name to visit) know a nice young man, Ho-Z (click name to visit) has encouraged her to write about this. After a while we got talking and he "challenged" me the same way. I got intrigued by it and found myself being very interested in trying to write something that he will approve of.
Now I know I'm working on SIW mainly, but this story kept pushing forward in my mind so I decided to start writing it. I'll be taking turns, a chapter for SIW (those tend to be longer hihi) and then a chapter for "A New World Awaits". Those chapters won't be so long (can only make the story last longer to read ;-) )but it will make it possible for me to write the two at the same time. Only downside it that the updates on Lit for SIW may take a bit longer. As for the new story, once I get edited chapters back I will post them here on the blog first before submitting them to Lit and ER.
The "Archangel" story I started here may take a back seat for a while because of this, BUT I will finish it, that is a promise, I hate leaving things undone (and well Remedio is a hottie in trouble).
That's me done with updating the masses. I hope to finish the first chapter of NWA today or tomorrow.




  1. Yay! A new story. Although I would be really intimidated if Ho-Z challenged me to write something. After seeing what he and Pep have created, I don't think I could live up to any of their expectations. But you on the other hand...Totally up to it. I'm pretty sure of it.

    And to try and write two stories at once...challenge in itself. I know because I'm trying to write at least 3 at the same time...and I think I might have a mini literary stroke before it's over.

    But...as I said, "You are totally up to it." And so now I must go and catch up on SIW..and then go back and leave comments.


  2. It's going to be a challenge that is for sure. Of course we all write in our own style(also keep in mind English isn't my "main" language). If I only come close to getting across what I want the readers to feel, then I'm happy. So far Ho-Z is as well.
    I'll be done with the first chapter maybe tomorrow, then a friend will proof it, get out my quirky kinks(she's used to them be now LOL) After that I'll submit it here on the blog, after Ho-Z has approved.

  3. Ho-Z is demanding! *Runs away and hides from him*

  4. Aaaaw so far he hasn't been, maybe I should brace myself then huh? ;-)