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Friday, February 15, 2013

Where am I?

I'm still around, things are settling down. Sadly the spark I had writing wise just doesn't want me to focus on Adam though the rest of the story is already mapped out mentally. There is a lot of emotions involved in the last chapters and I think I just lack the peace and quiet I want to focus on those emotions. Those that love SIW would agree I'm a sucker for all the emotional stuff that goes on and well I'm a perfectionist!
Now for the few that still keep tabs on me on FB, twitter or here (I know I should start posting more here again too) may have come across some musings. These are happening on Nulli Para Ora's blog. Quite a few of us are partaking in them. I've made mine into an ongoing story that will take on the twists provided by Nulli's picture. So far there are 6 pictures up under musings which results in 6 smallish chapters.
I'd say hop on over and let yourselves be drawn in by many different takes on the same picture.
And I promise I will do my best to get Adam and Bronwille together as they're meant to be.


  1. The Musings and Twisted Tales have been a lot of fun. Thanks for playing, Mokkelke!

  2. Yup, it'll come when it comes. If you force it, you won't be happy with it. I'm putting off reading the next Musing since I'm an odd duck who wants to write first then read the others, but I can't wait to see what's next for your couple!

  3. A&B are both very complicated characters and you're right that what they have can't be rushed. I think most of your readers liek myself are willing to wait until they pop into your head and tell how they want they story finished. The only person putting you under pressure is your self....SO STOP IT.....and your Musing's is great...