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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm getting back into the groove!

Yes, yes. I'm back! I've shipped of chapter 9 from SIW Adam and Bron of to the editor and I'm anxiously awaiting her verdict. I'll submit it ASAP, after I went over the edits. Already tweeted this new but thought Id share for those following me here but not on twitter ;-)
Bio on Lit is already updated too.


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! Not like I am excited about this news at all :)

  2. Yahoooo!!! but can you post a teaser for now??please..

  3. once I get it back I will. I always post one up as I submit to tie you over those 72 Hours. It was a hard one to write but Rewarding too, you know what they say "payback is a bitch", some bitch is getting just that!
    So stay tuned !!

  4. I look forward to reading it. Is there anything going on with "A New world Awaits"???????

  5. NWA is put on hold until SIW is finished, once done I will return to it. I will finish it, just not right this moment. It's a promise to some one, and I keep my promises (though this one is going for the long run)