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I'm a rookie writer enjoying the flow of words sprouting out of my fingers. Sometimes it goes easy, at other times it's a real struggle. I love and crave any kind of feedback, good or bad. I write when I can, but a husband, two kids, 4.2 cats (aging from 15 years to 4 months) do take up most of my time. Yet I found the time to try out something I never thought I was good at. I started writing. I came to love it and enjoy the new friendships I've made with fellow writers I simply adore (well I like the writers, but adore their work *grins*)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Adam 07 live

And we're live once more. I really hope you enjoy the read.
As I said in the disclaimer from now on I'll have to post as I go along. Chapter 08 is with the editor right now and I'm trying to work hard on 09. there is this thing called real life that keeps getting in the way of my writing time and yay I've caught another throat infection, how things can go wrong in matter of hours.

Maybe I'll have to ask one of my hunks to take care of me now and cuddle me *grins*.

You can find the appropriate reading links in the pages above.


  1. Just thought I would stop by and give you a big old well done and congratulations on such a great series. Keep your amazing work coming because I cant get enough. I am done with my third read through already and think I may have to start with another soon-ish. As for the stories on your blog, I have to say they are as good, if not better than those I have read on Lit. Cant wait for another chapter to come out and please dont leave Bron hanging too long, she needs her wolf asap (Or it might just be me craving a SIW fix ;))!

  2. thanks for those words. you have no idea how much of a boost they are right now. 8 will go live in one or two days, RL is being so demanding and to top it off I fell today, hurting like mad but I'll waggle for a few days, turn black and blue and hopefully have forgotten all about it next week.

    I'm working on chapter 9 bit by bit, hope that eases the craving a little bit.

  3. I know! I read on your twitter! Just think though, you are back, you are in control of your own writing and things go how you want them and at your own pace! Chin up Mokkelke, there is always a silver lining and with talent like yours there is many of them!

    I so can not wait! Between you, Jazz, Shychai and a few others I am staying sane! right now I have read everything you all have once or twice over at least. I don't know if the teasers are making me feel better or getting the juices going even more!