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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chris Whelan and more.

Just letting you'll know the next chapter is still with the editor, the next one if 95% finished and is with Jaz right now. then there is probably one more following to wrap up Chris' story.

Only thing I'm still pondering about is whether to include the rest of the events in the MacLachlan pack. As in :

*give them a short epilogue, so you all know how things turned out.
*give them a separate stand alone story. in this case you will have to wait a little bit longer to read. this option would be the tale of Richard over a longer period of time (knowing myself this will turn into a few chapters LOL)

if I go with giving him/them a separate tale I will get round to it, but I want to finish the rest of SIW first. I've already started the story of Adam.

So if you want you can state your preference in the comments and i'll take them into consideration.


  1. Why the either/or? A short epilogue glossing over the resolution of current events will allow closure on that part of the story; however, there's nothing that says you can't create the full story later. Yeah, we'll already know how it ends, but many books/movies/plays are read/watched multiple times. It's not necessarily the ending folks want to get to but the journey that gets you there :) I say do both ;)

    Oh, and also, if you plan for both but never get around to the story, then it still provides closure to the current story. Win-win!

  2. as it is now, i can "afford" to even leave out an epilogue for Richard and his pack.
    my "either/or" was meant to see if people would want/like to know more (there are a few things brewing in my mind, but keeping them low profile as I want to finish SIW first)

  3. Ah, okie doke. I'm always open to another Mokkelke story :) Write on, I say!

  4. Of course we or wait perhaps I should speak for myself..... I would love to read more... doesn't matter how long it takes ;)

  5. don't wait we want to know now but you can still do the story later

  6. hehe I starting to see I'm far from done here. starting to lean towards leaving things as they are, you'll see there is enough told in the chapters to let you know enough how things "end".
    and then i'll probably write a little short story about after everything else is finished, or maybe in between, depending on how my mind wanders and if it fits the general time line I have for SIW.

  7. Will Merlin get a story? Can you create a story with multiple storylines like Jaz did in TC & ALWH?

  8. Merlin is getting his own story, now worries about that. for SIW everything is more or less mapped out already and all of them touch each other at one point or are connected.

    who knows what more I'll add. so much to write