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Sunday, October 17, 2010

*Drum Roll* The new story starts here.

I'm glad I can finally give you the first chapter of my new story "A New World Awaits". This was aspired by Ho-Z, whom most still know as the overly cute man Pepper introduced us all too(I bet he's blushing already just thinking of all the attention she gave him)
This is the introductory chapter, it lets you see a bit of both main characters and lets you see a glimpse of their issues, desires and feelings.

A New World Awaits. Chapter One.

The lyrics used are from the following song :

I hope you all like this first chapter, don't hesitate to comment on it, the more feedback I get, the more I can incorporate into the story and make it better.

Big thanks to Ho-Z for making this little gem possible *big hugs*.

I will publish the story here first, this is the version I get back from my personal ace proofreader Jazcullen. She does such a wonderful job that I sometimes wonder why I send the piece to an editor afterwards *grins* she's that good. Anyhow I'll be writing this together with SIW, taking turns a bit, so I'm not promising updates every week, BUT what I start I finish, just bear with me and all will be fine, eventually.

Enjoy the exclusive read!




  1. Were is the story? Where can I read the chapter now that has been removed from the BLOB - A New World Awaits - chapter 1.

  2. the chapster has been removed because i restarted working on this story as a whole for camp nanowrimo. once it's finished and cleaned up it will return in some form.